Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'timeshare with title'?

Timeshare with title is simply a tenant in common (TIC) share in a holiday home, apartment or resort property to be used primarily for holiday vacations.

How is 'timeshare with title' different from timeshare?
Timeshare with title means you purchase both a share of the property with rights to occupation and you are registered on title as a co-owner of the property providing you with a  secure investment.
Whereas timeshare means you have only purchased a right to occupation of the property for a specified time, you are not a co-owner of the property.
How is a property share created?

A TIC property share is created when a property, or part of the property, is sold and is purchased by two or more co-owners as tenants in common in separate equal or unequal shares. 

Why buy a share in a property?

Less funds required. ticX enables investors to buy an affordable share in a holiday property sharing expenses, time, and/or rental income and capital value in proportion to the percentage held.

How secure is my investment in owning a share?

As a TIC co-owner, you are registered on title as a tenant in common. Timeshare with title is a real estate asset you own. Your TIC share can be willed (bequeathed), sold or mortgaged separately.

What if I want to sell my share?

You will find at the top of your property’s ticX listing, there is a ‘SELL’ button. As a registered co-owner in that property, your request to sell will be sent through to a ticX Member who will place your share For Sale on the ticXchange. There will be the normal real estate conveyancing costs and the selling agent may charge a commission on the sale. You also have the right to manage the sale yourself.

Who will manage the property?

This depends on whether the share was purchased by one owner or by co-owners as ‘timeshare with title’. For timeshare with title, the property will usually be managed by a local licensed property manager or the resident letting agent.

What if there is a disagreement with another co-owner?

The property you part own is firstly professionally managed & secondly all co-owners agree to rules setting out their rights & responsibilities.

What if I don't use all my share allocation myself?

That’s fine. Just let the managing or letting agent know so that any of your unused time allocation can be placed in the letting pool.

What is ticx?

The Tenant in Common Exchange (ticX) provides liquidity to tenant in common owners of real estate and a pathway for more people to get on the property ladder. TicX is simply the trading exchange for tenant in common (TIC) interests in real estate. TIC ownership of land has been enshrined in property law for over 150 years.

Are you getting the most out of your holiday property?

Maybe you don’t need to own 100% of your resort style holiday home or apartment. Have you thought about selling a share?

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